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Our Mission

At Inspeech, we unite Technologies, Markets, and People. Our goal is to change the world by facilitating the deployment of superior automating applications. We leverage the range of available technologies appropriate for each particular scenario, and treat each client and each end user as the individuals they are. We work with clients and organizations to improve speech automation services.

InSpeech LLC was formed in April of 2004 as a full-service speech consultancy and has expanded into other areas of technology transfer. We consist of a small group of individuals with over 60 years of experience in the speech industry, working together as a team. Our members include:

Marc Lord

Marc’s involvement with speech technology began in 1992. Before founding InSpeech, Marc made business development impacts relating to speech at the Human Interface Technology Lab, Microsoft, AT&T Labs, and Nuance. Aided by an affinity for languages, he has managed the development of speech synthesis engines, products, and applications at L&H, Microsoft, AT&T, Scansoft, and Nuance. He has helped many internal and external groups integrate speech functionalities into their products. Marc has deep knowledge of the industry and its strategic relationships, and specializes in developing business plans, industry analyses, strategic relationships, and white papers.

Todd Sweeney

As a young call center manager for AT&T, Todd’s innovations led to greater efficiencies. His ideas became standard practices across the entire company, and he was invited to join AT&T Labs. At the Labs, he was effective in bringing technologies to market, leading to practical applications of the most advanced speech-enabled call processing techniques yet implemented.

Todd has been instrumental in productizing, selling, and cross-licensing core speech technologies, including those used by Tellme, Speechworks, Nuance, and Microsoft. Todd’s specializes in building and maintaining relationships with developers, managers, and end users that enable him to facilitate mutually beneficial solutions between and within client organizations.

Walt Tetschner

Walt productized Text-To-Speech from its very beginning, developing assistive and commercial markets for DecTalk in the early 1980s. Now he runs a speech industry newsletter, ASR News (, known for its hard-hitting, well-researched, and customer-focused expertise. Any company not on his subscriber list is either close to bankruptcy or isn’t interested in the speech industry.

Walt is widely known as a critical, incisive thinker, and is recognized as an authoritative source for researching, sizing, and judging market opportunities in the speech industry.

Jon Staebell

Jon started work at Bell Labs in 1985, with a vision of unified communications (Voice, Data, Video) that was leading edge at the time. He has developed cutting-edge voice and call processing solutions and grown them into dominant market positions. He was a key member of the AT&T Labs team that productized Text-To-Speech, Speech Recognition, and Speaker Verification technology into PC Watson and telephony automated services. He has deep knowledge of call automation and system-to-caller interaction best practices. Jon also spent 7 years working at Charter Communications, developing communications solutions for Enterprise customers.

Jon specializes in the communication of technical information at the CIO/CFO/CEO level, and in facilitating the collaboration of development, marketing, and management organizations into a synergistic whole.