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“I enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend InSpeech to any company making, applying, or considering voice technologies. In fact we would probably not be in business today if not for our relationship with them. They drew up white papers of our services, targeted our most coveted Fortune 500 clients, negotiated contracts for us, and got us repeat business in an impressively short time. I have yet to meet anyone who can approach their effectiveness or experience, and we continue to rely on their technical acumen and business insight on a weekly basis.”

Eric Wood, President, Voice Factory International

“When we were looking to automate a large-cohort longitudinal health survey, we went to the best-known providers of call processing systems. At first, they told us their speech recognition technologies could absolutely handle our needs. Then they came back wildly over our budget. Of course we are not qualified experts in call automation, so we decided to dig deeper. InSpeech convinced us normal methods could not deliver the functionality we were led to envision. They not only educated us as to what is currently possible, but also showed us an innovative way to deliver the survey experience we wanted while staying within cost targets. They assembled a team of capable vendors and helped us to craft an application grant proposal which will radically improve the way large-cohort medical data is collected world-wide.”

Dr. Walter Willett, Harvard School of Public Health

InSpeech is a different kind of consultancy. We sometimes tell our clients the things they don’t want to hear, such as when to not implement a technology solution, no matter how well a vendor selling the solution has marketed it. Our direct experience with core technologies allows us to take a holistic view of our clients’ operations, viewing technology solutions as part of the bigger business picture. If a technology is more efficient than the humans it replaces, but ends up driving customers away because of its awkwardness or inflexibility, it harms an organization’s fundamental bottom line.

Clients and Partners

A number of the largest deployers of speech applications in the United States work with InSpeech. These companies provide Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition, and Podcasting services in many application contexts, from the telecommunications industry to mobile voice search the desktop. We consult with larger, well-established providers and with smaller speech technology providers.

We maintain relationships with technology companies that enable us to provide the insight and connections to guide our clients in application deployment. These partners include AT&T, Apple, and Microsoft, data integration, and telecommunications specialists. Because of these ongoing relationships, our clients typically don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and can enjoy mutually beneficial relationships between companies. Our goal is to increase both customer satisfaction and organizational value, and an unbiased view of enabling techniques and technologies is our core competence.

An abbreviated client list includes AT&T, Cepstral, Microsoft, Lessac Technologies, Voice Factory International, and Wizzard Media. Client contacts may be provided upon request.

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